F.H. Leinweber Company's Contract Sales Division provides single source advantage for a variety of floor underlayment and topping services.

Our efficient and precise approach to installations and 65 years of experience will save you time and increase profits. From estimate to installation, we work with our clients to assess their needs, develop cost alternatives, and establish an installation plan. The installation is then completed by our experienced 30 Hour OSHA trained installers.

Metal Pan Stair Tread Infill
Floor Smoothing and Prep

Floor Prep Services:

  • Miscellaneous patching and remove floor scars creating a smooth surface ready to accept the finish floor system such as carpet
  • Flatten and smooth the floor to meet tolerances for flooring products such as floating wood floors or sheet goods
  • Leveling the floor (laser level or eye level) to meet the requirements of equipment or furniture such as file systems and floor tracks
Floor Topping and Fill

Floor Topping Services:

  • Non-structural concrete topping to change finish floor elevation
  • Non-structural concrete topping for balconies and decks
Ramping at Doorways and Base

Infill and Ramp Services: 

  • Patch concrete floor trench or openings and infill depressions
  • Build-up for consistent margins at doorways and base boards
  • Create or repair a new wearing surface
  • Mechanical pad installations
  • Stair tread pan infill
Self Leveling Gypsum Floor Topping

Specified Floor Systems:

  • Installation of gypsum cement self leveling products
  • Foam board fill and concrete topping for light weight floor build-up
  • Sound board and concrete topping floor systems
  • Vapor and moisture control coatings
Substrate Preparation

Substrate Preparation:

  • Remove all surface bond breakers such as wax, oils, curing compouds, and loose matter
  • Some surfaces may require blast tracking, chipping, or sanding depending on surface condition and finish floor system to be installed
  • Surface temperatures should be between 45 F and 90 F
  • Surface should be damp but without puddles
  • Apply primers or bonders as instructed