Our floor underlayment and topping products are known for quality and value.

F.H. Leinweber Company, Inc. manufactures a range of cost effective proven floor underlayment and topping products to meet your floor prep needs. The quality of our products has been proven over years of installation by our own installers. They have been formulated to be semi-self leveling for ease of installation of flat surfaces and the ability to ramp the material to meet existing surfaces of differing elevations or maintain a given margin. Whether under resilient or hard flooring products, floor smoothing, leveling, patching, or ramping, we have the underlayment for the project.

Our products are primarily sold through our network of distributors in the Chicago regional area. You may locate a distributor near you from the PDF at the bottom of this page or from the Distributor Network list on the next page. 


Overview of our products:

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  • Jif-Set®, A fast setting two part gypsum based interior floor underlayment. 
  • Vinyl-Crete®, A two part Portland cement based premium grade floor topping and underlayment. 
  • Elastex®, A two part Portland cement based project grade floor topping and underlayment.
  • Leinweber's Liquid Latex, A styrene butadiene polymer formulated for Jif-Set®, and Elastex®
  • Vinyl-Crete Liquid, A styrene butadiene polymer formulated for Vinyl Crete®

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Where to Purchase F.H. Leinweber Floor Underlayment and Topping Products

F.H. Leinweber Company downloadable list of network distributors
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