Elastex® Floor Underlayment is our project grade cementitious floor topping.

Elastex System, Elastex Powder and Leinweber's Liquid Latex

Elastex® floor underlayment is a Portland based two component (powder and latex additive) floor underlayment material used for leveling, smoothing, and patching interior floor surfaces prior to installation of finished floor coverings. Elastex® may be placed over existing sound concrete, wood, or tile, and may be left as a wearing surface. Elastex® is formulated for use under any floor tile, carpet, or finish. When mixed with Leinwber's Liquid Latex, Elastex® is self bonding with a compressive strength of 4,500 psi after 7 days and 6,000 after 28 days. Placement is from 1/32" to a maximum of 3/8" per lift.

Elastex Powder is packaged in 40 lb. bags.

Leinweber's Liquid Latex is a styrene butadiene latex rubber (SBR) and silicone liquid formulated for Elastex® and Jif-Set®. It is packaged in 1 gal. and 5 gal. containers.

Elastex Product Data Downloads

Elastex Product Data, Instructions, Secification Sht.
ElastexSpec Product Sht..pdf
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Leinweber's Liquid Latex Product Data, Instructions, and Specifications
Leinweber's Liquid Latex Product Sht..pd[...]
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Elastex Powder SDS
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Leinweber's Liquid Latex SDS
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