F.H. Leinweber Company, Inc.

─ Family Owned and Operated Since 1945 ─


Manufacturer and Installer of Floor Underlayments and Toppings

Welcome to F.H. Leinweber Company. We are a Chicago based manufacturer of cementitious floor underlayment products, and an installer of floor underlayments, toppings, and prep materials. Our family owned and operated company serves the Construction and Floorcovering industries by providing high quality products for patching, ramping, flattening, or leveling the floor surface in preparation for the finished floor installation.

Our floor underlayment products may be purchased from our partner distributors. We have long trusted relationships with many of the area's most reputable distributors and suppliers. Their locations and contact information is posted on the Products page in a PDF and on the Distributor Network page under Products.

Floor underlayment and topping installation Services may be contracted directly with F.H. Leinweber for installation by our experienced tradespeople. Our Director of Contract Installations will meet with you to discuss your needs, review the specifications, and inspect the site. 

Repair your old damaged concrete floor for as little as 15% of the cost for complete replacement.

Old Concrete Floor Prior to Repair and Topping
Vinyl-Crete Floor Topping and Fill Applications

F.H. Leinweber's products and finishers can repair an old damaged concrete floor and make it like new without replacing the old concrete floor. Reducing cost and landfill waste with our GREEN Works programs.

Leinweber's GREEN Works programs are designed to reduce waste and achieve LEED compliance with manufacturing, installation services, and product design. 

Like New Concrete Surface After Repair, Topping, and Sealer